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  • 1. The tenth finalist of SEED AWARD 2019 will be determined by online voting.
  • 2. The Voting begins on October 18, 2019 and ends on October 24 (UTC+8)
  • 3.You can vote for as many semifinalists as you wish, but you are limited to three votes per calendar day (based on Beijing Time) and per platform user ID.
  • 4. The shortlist will be announced on October 25.
  • 5.SEEDLAND reserves the right of final explanation.


  • The team that gets the most votes before September 9th, 23:59 (Beijing Time) will be the tenth finalist of SEED AWARD 2019.
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Asia-Pacific Area

Asia-Pacific Guangzhou 08.21

North America Area

Silicon Valley 07.18

(This list is in no particular order.)
It is the world’s first creativity award that highlights the integration between technologies and everyday life, with the aim of discovering, encouraging and inspiring those who have a passion of life and are willing to embrace innovative ideas. Life is like a seed. A seed will only sprout when sufficient nutrients have been provided in the first place, and innovative ideas and the readiness to put them into practice are the very nutrients to live a meaningful life. We sincerely invite you to live a better life by harnessing the power of science and technology.
Join Us

If you are passionate, full of creative ideas, and have the determination to explore your ideas with the assistance of science and technology, we now sincerely invite you to join us regardless of age, gender, profession and nationality.

You are certain to take advantage of many benefits of the SEED AWARD, including a stage to exhibit your talent to global audiences, supervision and guidance by real experts, an opportunity to win a cash prize worth ¥1,000,000 and global media exposure.

The Judges
Ben Hamner (USA/China)

Kaggle Co-founder & CTO

Dov Moran (Israel)

Inventor of the USB Flash Drive
Ph.D., Israel Institute of Technology

Eric Frank (USA)

Founding Member of Uber AI Labs
World-renowned Computer Vision Scientist

Elliott Ng (USA)

Director of Product Management in Search, Google

Gregory Renard(USA)

Deep Learning Committee Member at NASA Frontier Development Lab

Hai WANG (USA/China)

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University

Karl Ulrich (USA)

Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at The Wharton School

Levi Shapiro (USA/Israel)

Founder of mHealth Israel

Michael I. Jordan (USA)

Known as the “World’s Most Influential Computer Scientist”

Peter J. Bentley (UK)

Honorary Professor at UCL CTO of Braintree Ltd.

Qi LI (China)

Director of Peking University Smart City Research Center

Sue Black (USA)

Founding Chair of the British Computer Society Honorary Professor at UCL

Shouyi YIN

Professor of Tsinghua University

  • Calendar
  • Criteria
  • Procedure
  • Awards
  • May to June

    Entries close on

    30th June 2019

  • July
    Semifinal in
    North America

    Silicon Valley

  • August
    Semifinal in
    Asia Pacific


  • September
    Semifinal in


  • November
    The Final in


  • Innovation
    Is the project innovative? Is it solving an unaddressed problem? Is it a new solution to the current ones? What does it improve in the end of the day?
  • Technical
    Does the entry combine with the current cutting-edge technologies (such as intelligent perception technology, information technology, biotechnology, virtual reality technology, new material technology, advanced energy technology, blockchain technology, etc.) to make a breakthrough in product experience and function?
  • Social
    Does the entry create foreseeable social or economic impact, and have wide application and promotion value, as well as positive impact on economy and human life?
  • Market
    Does the entry meet the expectation of function realization? How possible is the mass production and going to market with good performance balancing efficiency and benefit?
  • PresentationDoes the team present clearly and respond adequately with smooth interaction experience logic? Is the overall presentation impresve?
  • May to June
    Global selection of entries. By June 30th, top 10 entries will be selected in each division, and a total of 30 outstanding entries will be made qualified to the next round and rewarded ¥30,000 each.
  • July to
    Semi-Final in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe
    Entrants for semi-final in three divisions will deliver demonstrations onsite for scoring by judges. Top 3 teams in each division will be selected for the finals.
  • September
    Repechage Voting
    The eliminated teams will be given one chance of revival, and only one team will be made qualified to continue the competition through repechage voting by netizens.
  • November
    The Final in China
    10 teams will demonstrate their works onsite. The world’s top scientists and industry experts will review and select the winner of SEED AWARD.